Legal steroids are a great way for women to improve their physique. Unfortunately, most safe steroid alternatives are made for men.

A woman’s metabolism is slightly different than a man's. The main goal for most women is to eliminate body fat and improve muscle tone.

There are different kinds of legal steroids available for women.

Before I explain more about the benefits you can expect from taking a safe legal steroid, let's talk about weightlifting and female bodybuilding.

The moment women hear the word weightlifting, the first thing that comes to mind is big muscles. Lifting weight has a totally different effect on women than it does on men.

When men lift weights they can potentially gain a lot of muscle and bulk up, this is because men have more testosterone. Women cannot gain muscle as men can. When women lift weights they lose body fat and increase muscle tone.

There is nothing that turns more heads in a gym than a woman with lean muscle.

If you train with weights, jog, or do any other kind of physical exercise a legal steroid makes it easier for you to transform your body.  A lot of women get frustrated because they spend a lot of time in the gym and often do not see the results.

Female Fitness Model Flexing Abs

Some women may consider taking anabolic steroids what many do not realize is that anabolic steroids will increase the male sex hormone testosterone.

This is the last thing most women want, that is unless you want to turn in to a big masculine hairy man.

High testosterone levels in women can cause symptoms of masculinization.

Symptoms of masculinization are when women experience traits similar to men which include, deepening of the voice, increased body hair and in some extreme cases an enlarged clitoris.

Legal steroids for women deliver similar benefits without the side effects. Women can take them safely without having to worry about them affecting their health.

What are legal steroids?

Legal steroids mimic the effect of anabolic steroids without the side effects.

You are probably asking yourself, how is this possible?

Let me explain…

Legal steroids are chemical based compounds (derivatives of the male sex hormone testosterone). When you inject them into your body you are synthetically increasing testosterone levels.

It is true women do have small amounts of testosterone, but exceeding those amounts cause man like traits.

When you see big muscular women it is usually because they are taking some sort of sports enhancement drugs that increase testosterone.

Woman Showing Off Weight Loss

Benefits of legal steroids

Increase Nitrogen

Increasing nitrogen in the muscles helps reduce muscle fatigue and boosts endurance.

Increase red blood cell count

Legal steroids help increase red blood cells in your muscles which helps increase stamina and endurance.

Burn body fat

A big priority for a lot of women is to increase their body's fat burning capabilities,  increasing thermogenesis helps your body convert stored body fat into energy.

Speed up muscle recovery

If you train hard your muscles are usually sore the next day. Under normal conditions, it can take more than a day or two for your muscles to recover. Legal steroids can speed up muscle recovery time and reduce soreness quickly allowing you can train with more frequency.

Train hard with more energy

Imagine going to the gym and performing 100% every time, if you did, your workouts would be more effective, and that’s what a legal steroid does, it gives your body what it needs to make every workout count.

Made Just for women there are four legal steroids to help you achieve the perfect physique, these include:

Winsol is a natural alternative to the steroid Winstrol and one of the more popular products in the bodybuilding world. Winsol is the perfect solution for women wanting to gain solid muscle, more definition and is key for leaning out and sculpting the perfect body.

Anvarol is a natural alternative to the anabolic steroid Anavar, Anvarol will give women more strength and energy in the gym The benefits of using this legal steroid is helping women achieve lean muscle while maintaining intense training sessions.

Clenbutrol is a natural alternative to the popular drug Clenbuterol, its purpose is to burn fat, it is ephedrine free and can help women increase lean muscle mass. Clenbutrol acts as a thermogenic that helps improve cardiovascular performance which is important on those intense training days.

D-Bal is a safe legal  Dianabol alternative, some of the most famous bodybuilders have used Dianabol the main purpose is to help you boost strength and add lean muscle to your body. D-Bol will not give you bulging muscle but it will help add muscle in all the right places including your quads and glutes.

Benefits of legal steroids

  • Increase workout intensity
  • Increase strength and energy
  • Incinerate body fat
  • Increase sexy, lean muscle
  • Fast results
  • 100% Safe natural and Legal
  • No side effects

Who should consider taking legal steroids?

If you workout at 3-4 times a week yet struggle to see results taking a legal steroid can help make your efforts easier so you can achieve your fitness goals quickly.


Because legal steroids for women are an easy way to give you an edge in the gym, unlike regular supplements that can bloat you and cause water retention.

Legal steroids are developed to be effective, they are easily digested and work fast so the nutrients are quickly absorbed by your body.


Why not take just the real thing?

While there are many women who consider taking anabolic steroids, they often end up regretting it.

Why anabolic steroids are bad

Even the mildest anabolic steroid is not female friendly, let me tell you why.

For starters, testosterone will wreak havoc on your hormones, yes, taking an anabolic steroid will reduce the amount of natural estrogen your produce and begin to cause side effects.

The first side effects are usually missed periods, frequent menstrual spotting and menstrual cramps.

4 common side effects steroids have on women

1. – Male pattern baldness

Ever wonder why female bodybuilders and fitness models wear wigs, its because anabolic steroids cause an increase in dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

This damages hair follicles causing your hair to fall out. Even worse, it can cause male pattern baldness in women which is even scarier, imagine having to wear a wig for the rest of your life.

2.- Excess body hair

Yes, while you may start losing the hair on your head, anabolic steroids cause the opposite effect when it comes to body hair, increased levels of testosterone cause more body hair that is usually noticeable on your face arms, back and chest. Some women may even begin to see hair on parts of their body they never thought possible.

3.- Deeper voice

Yes, women who take steroids will begin to notice a deeper voice, this is one of those changes that is so gradual that it often goes unnoticed until its too late, the symptoms usually start out subtle with a raspy or hoarse voice,  the longer you take steroids the deeper your voice may get. This is one of those symptoms that after a while is permanent.

4.- Enlarged Clitoris

An enlarged clitoris is known as Clitoromegaly is a result of steroids, when you increase testosterone levels, it can cause the clitoris to grow. While some women may not have a problem with this,  it might freak out your significant other. This is one symptom that may be permanent.

What steroids cause the worst side effects?

There are obviously steroids that are worse for women than others, this all depends on the androgenic potency.

You can see my list of worst steroids for women here. There are other steroids that are not as harsh, these are steroids that do not cause symptoms of virilization but the truth be told most anabolic steroids will have side effects to some degree.

Anabolic steroids are not worth the side effects

Anabolic steroids might seem like an easy shortcut to help you get in shape but the side effects from real steroids are harsh. Most women end up regretting their decision. Legal steroids offer similar benefits without any of the nasty side effects caused by androgenic steroids.

How effective are legal steroids?

Very effective, there are hundreds of women who use them every day to enhance their training.

What we love about legal steroids is that deliver everything your body needs to maximize your performance in the gym. Legal steroids have the exact combination of ingredients your body to help you train like a pro.

There are dozens of real customer testimonials that prove just how effective legal steroids can be when accompanied by a proper diet and training. Below are just a couple of testimonials from women who have used legal steroids with positive results.

How long does it take for a legal steroids to work?

Most women will begin to notice results within the first few days of taking them, full results take a least 30 days,  for best results a 60-day cycle is recommended.

A few reasons why you should consider a legal steroid:

  • Increase energy and reduce fatigue
  • Help you eliminate excess body fat
  • Help you achieve the perfect beach body (Look good in your bikini)
  • Increase strength
  • Great for intense workouts and cardio sessions
  • Give your body a hard and toned look
  • Go from skinny fat to looking amazing


If you have been looking for a way to improve your efforts in the gym, a legal steroid for women will help you add the finishing touch you need to transform your physique.

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