6 Important Nutritional Supplements for Women

6 Important Nutritional Supplements for Women.

If you’re new to exercise or getting back in the gym after a long absence, you’ve got a tough road ahead of you. There are, however, certain supplements that can boost the efficacy of your workout, improve your recovery time, and build muscle faster.

Here are six important nutritional supplements for women to consider using if you’re hitting the gym for the first time (or the first time in a while).

6 Important Nutritional Supplements for Women

1. Vitamin C

While in the long run exercise will make your body healthier, when you’re initially subjecting your unprepared body to the stress of exercise, you run a risk of sickness.

Vitamin C helps your body deal with metabolic stress, a physiological process that happens during exercise.

Its antioxidant effects combat the negative impact of those stresses to keep you healthy. It’s been shown to reduce the incidence of coughing fits or wheezing after exercise, which you’re extra susceptible to early on. You should consume at least 90 mg of vitamin C a day, but no more than 2,000.

2. Whey Protein

The most popular workout supplement is a great addition to your regiment whether you’re a gym veteran or a complete newcomer.

Made from one of the components of milk protein, whey digests rapidly, flooding the bloodstream with the amino acids that are required for the growth of muscle. Taking whey protein 60-90 minutes before you exercise primes your body for protein-muscle synthesis.

3. Tart Cherry

One obstacle you’ll face at the beginning of your exercise journey is the dreaded DOMS. Delayed onset muscle soreness occurs after unaccustomed exercise, meaning that hours or days after you work out a muscle or group of muscles that are not used to the stress, which can cause extreme soreness and hurt like hell.

This is why you often feel more soreness the day after a workout than immediately after. DOMS poses a challenge because it can give you an excuse to not keep pushing in the important early stages. The anti-inflammatory effects of tart cherry can help reduce this pain so you don’t tap out early.

There are many supplement companies that sell tart cherry supplements in both powder or liquid form making it easy to get your daily supply.

4. Carbohydrates

While many diets encourage you to cut out carbohydrates, either completely or partially, you need the glycogen that carbohydrates turn into when they’re digested to power you through your workout.

Without glycogen, you’ll hit a wall and be unable to continue your workout. But you don’t need to eat unhealthy, carb-heavy foods. Look for a carbohydrate supplement to take before and after your workout instead.

5. Creatine

This is one of those supplements that has a reputation as a miracle pill. Although it won’t automatically make you ripped, creatine does have some important effects on the body that can benefit people new to exercise.

Creatine sends water to the muscles, stretching the membrane of muscle cells in a way that increases muscle-protein synthesis, helping you build muscle. It also provides a temporary energy boost during workouts so you don’t get fatigued as easily.

6. Casein Protein

The other part of milk protein, the one that’s not whey, is casein, which digests much more slowly. While this means it’s not as effective as whey at priming you for a strenuous session, it has other uses. Experts recommend taking casein right before bed if you’re trying to build muscle.

It continually sends BCAAs, the essential amino acids for muscle protein synthesis, to your bloodstream as it digests, so as you sleep, your muscles will be getting the stuff they need to grow.

Don’t count on supplements to compensate for a poor workout regimen or a lack of effort. But don’t be afraid to incorporate them into your routine just because you’re new to the gym. The suggestions above can be great ways of getting started.


Most of the supplements mentioned here can be purchased individually which for some women may complicate things.

There are many pre-workout supplements that come with the perfect balance of ingredients mentioned above which can be easily taken before you workout giving you more endurance and stamina along with essential vitamins and minerals your body needs for faster recovery.