Contest Prep for Female Bodybuilders

Contest prep for female bodybuilders a simple guide for newbies This article is intended to be a guide for women who want to lean out or are considering entering a female bodybuilding competition. This article offers suggestions for newbies who are looking for basic guidelines to follow during a cutting cycle. Whether you are looking … Read more

Machines or Free Weights What is Better

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Cutting Supplements for Women

Best Cutting Supplements for Women Fitness has become a popular trend over the last decade, every social media nook and cranny is filled with gorgeous ripped and in shape women. For many women getting in shape can be a tedious and frustrating process. A lot of women believe that it is not possible to achieve … Read more

Niacin Max Review

Niacin Pre-Workout Supplement for Women Every female athlete knows that in order to achieve their goal, it is sometimes the small things that can make or break your physical transformation. One common supplement that has been overlooked in the fitness and bodybuilding community is Niacin (vitamin B3), most athletes do not get enough and there … Read more

Garcinia Cambogia Extra Review

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Famous Female Strong Women

Female bodybuilding today is a competitive sport, but back in the 1800’s women who lifted weights were called “strong women”, when women think of bodybuilding they think of strong bulky muscles, but if they only knew the benefits that bodybuilding can offer women, it is an incredible way for them to improve their physique, and … Read more

Effective Gym Workouts in Spite of Mental Obstacles

You always see bubbly women in the gym or posting on their Facebook or Twitter accounts about what a great workout they had, some of these women I guess where blessed with a happy soul, but unfortunately I have days that I struggle. I used to work out pretty hard in my teens up until I … Read more