Benefits of Strength Training for Women (Infographic)

Why Women Should Lift Weights – Infographic

After 25 years of training, I am still often puzzled as to why some women are reluctant to train with weights. Most women seem to spend most of their time doing cardio.

I always try to explain to my girlfriends that the benefits of strength training for women often exceed the benefits of doing cardio. This does not mean that cardio is bad, but it can be done along with a sensible strength training program.

I stumbled upon this infographic that does a great job of explaining some of the key benefits that strength training offers women. The infographic is well done and makes it easy to understand why women should lift. Women who lift weights are not going to become big and bulky.

If you are a woman who has never picked up a weight in your life, you should try it for at least one month. That is all it will take for you to begin to see positive emotional and physical changes.

The biggest concern from women about lifting weights is that they will become big and bulky with bulging muscles. What I can assure you is that this will not happen. Men and women are physiologically different. Men get big muscles because of testosterone. Unless you start shooting up testosterone you have nothing to worry about.

So why do you see bulky women with big muscles on magazines and on the Internet?

The media has always taken things to extremes, gaining muscle like that is not the norm and the women who do are usually taking performance-enhancing drugs (steroids). Even lifting heavy weights will not make you big and bulky. In fact, it has been my own personal experience that some of the strongest women tend to be very lean and thin.

The infographic sums up some of the benefits that strength training has to offer women and how it can improve your health.

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