BlackWolf Post-Workout Supplement for Women

BlackWolf Post-Workout: Boost Energy Train Hard

There is nothing worse than training hard in the morning, only to feel zapped and lethargic the rest of the day. Training hard gives you a great mental boost, but it also drains your body of energy. This is not good, especially if you have a full work day ahead of you. BlackWolf post-workout supplement for women will give you energy and stamina to help you feel energized all day long.

What is BlackWolf Eliminate post-workout?

BlackWolf Eliminate post-workout is one of three products in the BlackWolf Huntress stack for women. A post-workout supplement is just as important as a pre-workout. You have trained hard and given your all, your muscle tissues are broken down and they need glycogen! BlackWolf Eliminate is a post-workout supplement to help your body recover fast.

How BlackWolf Eliminate works

Glycogen is something your body needs to build endurance. Carbohydrates are a good source of glycogen but after training hard, stored glycogen gets depleted from your body. Believe it or not, after you stop training there is an optimal time to replenish glycogen levels.

The human body resynthesizes 2% of your glycogen stores within the first 2 hours after you exercise. If you give your body the right nutrients within that two-hour window, glycogen absorption rises to 5%. This results in quicker muscle and energy recovery times.

BlackWolf Eliminate has concentrated ingredients to help your muscles recover within a 20 hour period which otherwise would take 36 to 48 hours for full recovery. Slow recovery means lack of energy and very sore muscles.

Benefits of BlackWolf Eliminate

  • Quickly restore glycogen levels
  • Promote lean muscle growth
  • Restore energy and strength
  • Reduce muscle soreness
  • Neutralize bad free radicals

BlackWolf Eliminate is packed with essential carbs your body needs to ensure rapid glycogen production. It contains necessary BCAA's (Branched chain amino acids) to enhance protein absorption. BlackWolf also contains essential vitamins (E and C) and minerals that work as natural antioxidants.

How to use BlackWolf Eliminate

For best results BlackWolf Eliminate should be taken within 30 minutes after your workout, this will ensure lost glycogen stores are quickly replenished. This will help maximize your gains and restore energy levels. It will also help eliminate the symptoms of feeling weak and fatigued. Mix one 30g scoop of BlackWolf Eliminate with water, fruit juice, yogurt or your favorite smoothie.

Why BlackWolf is better than most Post-Workout supplements

BlackWolf is made of premium quality ingredients, it contains no fillers and works fast. It can be taken by itself our you can stack with the full BlackWolf huntress stack. Women of all ages can befit from the BlackWolf Eliminate supplement.

Suggested use

One tub of Blackwolf Eliminate contains 450g of powder, suggested use is one 30g scoop within the first 30 minutes after you finish your workout. One tub of BlackWolf cost $37.95.

Where to buy?

We recommend buying BlackWolf Eliminate from the official website, this will ensure you receive a genuine product and free worldwide shipping.


BlackWolf Eliminate is a product that delivers what it says, it's affordable when compared to similar products and you will notice and immediate boost in energy after the very first time you take it.

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Black Wolf Eliminate Post Workout

Samantha Collins is a contributing author and is an ISSA certified personal trainer that has helped hundreds of men and women get in shape and helped them reach their fitness and weight loss goals.