Capsiplex Sport Review

Capsiplex Sport Review a powerful fat burner for those who want to maximize their training and fasted cardio sessions

If you’re looking for a diet pill you’ve probably already come across hundreds, if not thousands of them on the market. How could you NOT be confused when faced with such a decision? We all want to lose weight quickly and easily, and many of these so-called ‘miracle’ diet pills claim to be the answer to your prayers. More often than not though, many of these (particularly those sold online) are little more than a scam.

Capsiplex Sport Review

This Capsiplex Sport review should answer any questions you might have about the supplement, and we will be highlighting the pros and cons, as well as showing you where to get the best deal (should you decide to try it). So let’s get started!

What is Capsiplex Sport?

This is a popular diet pill that is designed to increase metabolism, boost energy, burn more fat and calories, and suppress the appetite. The primary ingredient is a red chili pepper called capsicum. This was originally used mainly for cooking purposes, however, after recent testing and studies showed that it could effectively help with weight loss it is now being touted as a revolutionary diet pill ingredient.

What makes this any better than other diet pills?

You may well be wondering what makes this any better than any of the other thousands of products on the market. Why should you choose this one over any other? Well, we’re not going to tell you it’s the very best diet pill available (we could possibly try and research every product), however, we know for a fact that this one does work.

Red Chili PeppersLet’s look at some of the reasons this diet pill stands out:

Its primary ingredient, Capsicum, has been clinically tested and proven to aid in fat and carb loss, burn more calories, enhance thermogenesis (fat burning in the body) and increase energy levels, and the big one – it helps you to reduce caloric intake by suppressing the appetite. Few products burn fat and suppress the appetite – normally you get one or the other.

  • Unlike many other diet pills Capsiplex Sport is backed by doctors. The product has been examined by renowned doctor, Dr. Karen Viera and she reported that this pill contains safe and natural ingredients as well as proven weight loss.
  • It has had huge media coverage and has been endorsed by celebrities who have used the product successfully.


  • 100% safe and natural – no crazy ingredients like ephedra that have adverse (and some rather dangerous) side effects.
  • The main ingredient, Capsicum, is clinically proven to suppress the appetite and aid in the burning of fat and calories in the body.
  • It is easy to take and it gets to work quickly – if you start taking it now you could easily achieve your goal weight by summer.
  • By taking this you’ll burn up to 278 extra calories per day, without doing anything!
  • Increase energy levels which translates to higher and more intense training sessions.


  • This shouldn’t be taken by anyone who is allergic to chilli peppers.
  • Results will vary – for some it works faster than for others. Although it’s not necessary to diet (you won’t feel like eating as much anyway), you will get best results if you include some exercise.

Capsiplex benefits

Does Capisplex Sport have any known side effects?

Everyones metabolism is different and some people have complained of side effects from using the product some of those include:

  • Upset stomach
  • Heart burn
  • Stomach cramps
  • Nausea

While only a small percentage of users have experienced some of the above side effects they still should be considered. While Capsiplex says you do not neeed to exercise while taking their product most fast burners (Capsiplex included) work best when you exercise.

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Real customer feedback

We couldn’t give you a balanced Capsiplex review without including some real user feedback so here it is! These are just some excerpts from reviews we found online – for more detailed reviews and testimonials check out the official website.

My workouts have been incredible after taking this fat burner, more energy and stamina my friends can't keep up in the gym.

“I started taking these a few ago and I’ve already lost 8lbs”

“I think these raised my body temperature a bit as I felt quite hot the first 2 days taking them. In the first 2 weeks, I lost 7lbs though so they definitely work!”

“After using Capsiplex for nearly a month I’ve lost a full dress size. I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost but my trousers are really baggy on me.”

“I’ve lost 10lbs in the first few weeks but now I need to order more as I only started with a 1 month supply.”

Our Verdict

You’re right to be skeptical when you come across any diet pill promising major weight loss in a short time. Most of the products that you see online don’t work anyway OR if they do they often contain questionable ingredients that may not be 100% safe. However, after researching this product for our Capsiplex Sport review we found that it’s one of the few that does produce REAL results. With clinical studies, a doctor’s report, and huge media coverage it’s well worth checking out. And there are numerous positive reviews to be found online if you take the time to look.

Where to buy

Capsiplex sport is not sold in stores and is only available from the offical website. This will ensure you receive a genuine product and money back guarantee in the event you are not completely satisfied with the product.

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