Legal Steroids for Women a Safe Alternative

Best Legal Steroids for Women: Before and After Pictures One of the biggest questions I often receive on my facebook page is women asking me about legal steroids. This is a valid question. When you initially hear the term “legal steroid” it does sound intimidating, a lot of women have enough issues with hormone fluctuations, … Read more

Famous Female Strong Women

Female bodybuilding today is a competitive sport, but back in the 1800’s women who lifted weights were called “strong women”, when women think of bodybuilding they think of strong bulky muscles, but if they only knew the benefits that bodybuilding can offer women, it is an incredible way for them to improve their physique, and … Read more

Ways for Women Get Shredded Abs

Woman showing off perfect absOne of Arnold  Schwarzenegger famous quotes was “Abs were made in the kitchen” and he was partially right. You see people in the gym doing crunches day in and day out and after months they still don’t have abs, we all have our abs concealed underneath our abdominal body fat.

We all carry weight in different places and the last place where that weight seems to come off is the stomach or abdominal area, however it is not practical to think that we can completely eat our way to shredded abs, sure you can eat clean healthy foods but that is not the complete secret to shredded abs. What we can do is watch what we eat and eliminate foods that provoke our body to store fat.

Foods containing sugar are your worst enemy

When you eat, your sugar levels naturally become elevated, this sends a signal to your body to produce more insulin which is the hormone that regulates how your body burns off food, eating starchy carbs or foods that contain sugar causes insulin to only burn off the excess sugar from your meal, preventing it from burning off current fat reserves you currently have stored.

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Effective Gym Workouts in Spite of Mental Obstacles

You always see bubbly women in the gym or posting on their Facebook or Twitter accounts about what a great workout they had, some of these women I guess where blessed with a happy soul, but unfortunately I have days that I struggle. I used to work out pretty hard in my teens up until I … Read more

Four Effective Quadricep Exercises for Women

If you are someone that goes to the gym every day but don’t see results it can be frustrating, while hard work is essential for gains. If you are not working out correctly, you won’t see the results you would like. While many women mostly focus on other body parts the legs and thighs are … Read more

Exercises to Help Women Burn Fat and Gain Lean Muscle

There are many myths and misconceptions about women who lift weights, they think that the simple fact they lift moderate to heavy weight they will build huge muscle mass, this is not the case, women who lift weight will improve the overall shape of their body increasing fat loss and uncovering sexy muscle. There are certain … Read more