8 Easy Tips for Women To Get in Shape

How to Sculpt Your Body Like a Fitness Model

Sculpting the perfect body is not as hard as it may seem. Yes, we realize women are faced with hectic work schedules and do not have the time to spend all day in a gym, but achieving a rock hard body is not impossible. In this article, I will discuss the benefits of female bodybuilding sculpting and how you can achieve a body just like those hard body fitness models.

Why do fitness models look so good?

You would think that most fitness models spend hours every day in the gym, the truth is, a lot of them don't, they are just like you and me, many of them have a career and family. Getting in shape is more about setting aside as little as one hour a day 4 days a week.

There are some other key factors such as nutrition and implementing a proper training routine, but if you have some willpower, you can achieve a rock hard and sculpted physique.

If you have never exercised or lifted weights before it's hard at first but every day gets easier.

Before you set up a training routine you should set some personal goals and why you want to get in shape.

Most women are self-conscious about the way they look and how they dress, having a rock hard body is a way of boosting your self-confidence and self-esteem, being in shape is a symbol of strength, dedication, and hard work. It shows character which is some of the reasons women want to transform their body and workout.

Once you have set your goals its time to start working on them.

1.- Join a gym

In order to get started with your female bodybuilding sculpting routine, you should find an affordable gym close to your home, it does not have to be fancy, you will get the best results with compound movements. When looking for a gym try and find one with the following equipment

  • Dumbbells
  • Barbell
  • Squat rack
  • A bench to do bench press
  • Some sort of cardio equipment such as elliptical machine, treadmill or stationary bike

Many gyms will have fancy machines, these are ok but free weights will give you the best results.

2.- Train with weights

There are some gyms that offer a free personal trainer which if you have never trained with weights before might not be a bad idea. However the exercises you will be performing will not be that hard, it is important to remember to take things slow when starting any strength training regimen.

When you think about sculpting your body, we all know that fitness models have firm glutes and thighs. In order to target these muscle groups there are some basic compound exercises you should perform which are:

The Squat is one exercise you will love or hate. If you want firm glutes and hamstrings this is a must do exercise. Not only will squats make your butt firmer and bigger, they also burn fat, keep your joints healthy, and eliminate cellulite.

How many sets and reps you do will depend on your goals, keeping the reps and sets high will work more for burning fat and toning muscle, lower reps and sets will increase muscle and give you more strength.

Dumbell lunges are a good exercise that targets the glute muscles, hamstrings, and quads, they also target secondary muscles like your abs.

Barbel rows are another good exercise that targets the upper back, lats, and rear deltoids, you can adjust your grip to target different areas of your back. Don't worry ladies, this will not give you a massive back, what it will do is make you stronger and improve overall core strength.

Barbell bench press is an exercise that focuses on the chest muscles but it also hits secondary muscles making it a full body workout. This is one of the best exercises to firm up the chest muscles.

3.- Implement some cardiovascular training 4-5 times a week

Cardio is something you should implement on the days you train with weights, it is a good way to warm up before lifting weights. Some women may prefer to leave the cardio after they train, either way, 15-30 minutes of cardio will help you maintain a healthy heart and lungs and also help eliminate excess body fat.

4.- Get proper nutrition

Once you get your training regimen under control you will notice physical changes, and most likely an increase in appetite. Proper nutrition can make or break your physique. Proper nutrition is important for maintaining energy, increasing muscle, and preventing fat buildup.

5.- Cook your meals at home

The best way to make sure you are eating quality food is to prepare your meals at home, this way you know what is going into each meal. Buying processed or prepared foods often contain excess fat, oil, and sodium.

Proteins are your best friend when it comes to maintaining muscle. in fact, lean meat including fish, beef, chicken, and turkey are some of the best sources of protein. Not only will they help you maintain muscle, digesting meat also speeds up your bodies metabolism.

Women just like men should be getting at least one gram of protein per each pound of muscle.

If you feel you are not getting enough protein you may want to invest in a good post workout supplement, they usually contain generous amounts of whey protein to help your muscles recover fast.

6.- Avoid complex carbs

Complex carbs are your worst enemy when trying to get lean. Sugars from sodas, alcohol, and sweets are not a good nutrition source and any sugars not processed by your body will be stored as fat.

7.- Use cooking oil sparingly when preparing food

Some cooking oils are healthier than others, canola and vegetable oils are harder to digest by the body, olive oil is healthier but it does contain calories. One tablespoon of olive oil contains around 118 calories so those are calories that if not watched carefully can quickly add up.

8.- Get plenty of rest

There are a lot of women who have families and a hectic schedule but getting a good nights sleep (at least 8 hours) is important for proper muscle and cell rejuvenation.


Getting a sculpted body is only as complicated as you make it, all you have to do is put in some effort 4-5 days per week watch your diet and before you know it you too can walk around with a firm and sculpted body that everyone will admire and something you can be proud of.