Four Effective Quadricep Exercises for Women

Screen shot 2015-03-15 at 12.50.50 PMIf you are someone that goes to the gym every day but don't see results it can be frustrating, while hard work is essential for gains.

If you are not working out correctly, you won’t see the results you would like.

While many women mostly focus on other body parts the legs and thighs are very important to develop a complete physique, legs are considered a core body part, building strong legs equals building a strong foundation.

Why should I exercise legs?

Your quads consist of 4 separate muscles: the vastus medialis, the vastis lateralis, the vastis intermedus and the rectus femoris, theses four muscles together are responsible for knee extension.

In order to make these muscles strong, there are four key exercises that can strengthen them and make your legs, thighs, and buttocks look amazing.

While you may have practiced squats or other leg exercises, the only way to develop well-defined quadriceps is to make sure you are focusing 100% on that muscle, below are some great exercises that will place emphasis on the quadriceps and of course have some secondary effects on other muscles as well, allowing you to reach full and complete leg development.

High Bar Olympic Squat

The name originates from a squat movement performed in Olympic competitions the difference between this and a regular powerlifting squat is basically the stance.

To perform this exercise you rest the bar at the top of the trapezius muscle but instead of a wide stance you need to use a narrower foot stance, this will position your knees slightly over your toes forcing your torso to remain upright making the exercise completely focused on the quads.

Leg Extensions

This exercise will be performed on the leg extension machine, performing this exercise totally isolates the quadriceps muscles because of the position the body is put in, the only part of your body that should move is the knees.

It’s important to come up slowly and squeeze the muscles while controlling the movement on the way down. This exercise is very simple but really effective, my personal preference is using moderate weight and performing 4 to 6 sets for 10 to 12 reps while resting no more than 40 seconds between sets.

Front Squat

This is probably one of the best exercises to create wwell-definedquadriceps, in fact, most of the female bodybuilders that have some of the best quads on the planet include this particular exercise in their leg routine.

The movement can be a little tricky at first and may take some time to get used to, that’s why it’s important to start out slowly with light weight, only increasing the weight when you feel comfortable enough to do it.

To perform this exercise you stand underneath the bar in the squat rack, placing the bar over the shoulders and bringing your arms back to hold the bar in place, you then perform the squatting movement, this exercise places primary emphasis on the quadriceps muscles forcing your body to remain in an upright position.

Step ups

Step-ups can be done by just using your own body weight or you can incorporate dumbbells to increase the intensity of the exercise. To do a step up you need a box or bench, to perform this exercise you simply place one foot on top of the bench and then step up on it, after that, you step back down and do the same movement with the other leg.

This exercise is a great isolation movement for the quadricep muscles, if you apply enough intensity to the exercise it can also work as a cardio movement. Try doing intervals instead of repetitions; this will add really high levels of intensity to your workout.

Don’t skip leg day

While you may love doing cardio workouts and other exercises, leg day is very important, it is not easy but strong legs mean better coordination and a stronger core, not to mention they are a body part you can easily show off. There is nothing more attractive than firm and well defined legs.

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