How to Get a Fitness Model Body

So many people look at fitness models and think, “I want to look like that!” But few know where to even begin. Diet plans and exercise regimens can be tough to figure out. Where do you even start? The answer:  You start here! Follows these tips to the fitness model body of your dreams!

How to Get a Fitness Model Body

Eat the right foods


When picking the grains you'll be eating, always go for the less-refined options. Whole wheat is a good choice; even better if it's fortified. Don't like the taste of whole wheat? Good news! Many bread companies now make “white wheat”. This bread has the taste of white bread but is far more nutritious and less refined. Side dishes? Go for brown rice, instead of white. Look at healthier options, as well, such as quinoa. For breakfast, get steel-cut oats for your oatmeal, instead of instant.

Lean Protein

To build the muscle you need, you'll want to consume enough protein. There are a lot of good, healthy protein options for everyone. For those without dietary restrictions, lean turkey or chicken breast; fish; and eggs are great options. Vegetarian or vegan? Then soy, which packs a lot of protein, is your ideal choice. Whatever you choose, aim for a lean meat (or egg, or veggie). Proteins are important, but you don't want them packed with extra fat that you don't need.


Fruits and Veggies

This category should be the main part of your diet. Fruits and vegetables are the perfect food for slimming down and toning up. When choosing the right fruits and veggies, you should aim for a “rainbow” effect. Try to fit as many different colored foods into your diet as possible. These include:

Leafy greens, which have iron, fiber, and calcium, all of which help promote muscle growth.
Rich purples and reds, which are signs that the food is full of antioxidants. Antioxidants boost blood flow, helping your muscles to work harder.

Orange and yellow. Most things that are this color (think carrots) are packed with vitamin K. This vitamin helps your body to use those lean proteins that we mention above.

Healthy Fats

This is the category that most people either demonize or ignore completely. Yes, even when you're trying to get an excellent, fitness model body, you need fat. But you'll want to choose the good fats, such as monounsaturated fats. Good sources of fat include olive oil (a perfect salad topping), avocados, and nuts. You don't need too many fats, but this is as important a food group as any other.

Daily exercise


Cardio exercise is an important part of your workout regimen, whether you would rather look like a bodybuilder than a yogi or not. Cardio helps to not only keep your insides healthy, but to  help you burn off the fat that gets in the way of your well-defined muscles showing. It can be tempted for those looking to gain muscle to skip it, but don't!

Woman jogging near ocean

You should do cardio at least three to four days a week, for at least an hour a day. How you get that exercise is up to you. You could pop into the local gym and use the elliptical, or you could just slip on your running shoes and hit the neighborhood. Whatever you do, it is important that you keep your heart rate up while you do it!

Strength training

And here's the workout most people think of when wanting to look like a fitness model. Strength training is, of course, the workout with the most visible end result. But it isn't always as simple as just lifting  heavier and heavier weights to lift. If you don't formulate your muscle building workout properly, you can hinder, rather than help, your progress.

Aviva Sinay doing dumbbell rows

Strength training workouts should have, if possible, their own days. This means that unless it can't be helped, not lifting weights the same day you do your cardio. You should also take a day off in between rigorous weight training sessions. This will allow your muscle to heal properly and build up, so that your next workout won't undo the one you just did.

There are also special exercise guides for fitness models, many  combine resistance training as well as stretching. One of the more popular guides is one called Methodology X offers women a step by step guide on how to transform their body just like a pro fitness model.

Take the right supplements

Not everyone likes taking supplements but they do help. If you are a woman who trains every day it can be difficult to get all the right nutrients, towards the end of the week you may begin to feel weak and lethargic.

There are many quality supplements for women to help maintain energy levels and provide your body with nutrients you might not be getting with food alone. There are other supplements that you may want to consider that can help burn stubborn fat and increase energy.