How to Get a Fitness Model Body

So many people look at fitness models and think, “I want to look like that!” But few know where to even begin. Diet plans and exercise regimens can be tough to figure out. Where do you even start? The answer:  You start here! Follows these tips to the fitness model body of your dreams!

How to Get a Fitness Model Body

Eat the right foods


When picking the grains you'll be eating, always go for the less-refined options. Whole wheat is a good choice; even better if it's fortified. Don't like the taste of whole wheat? Good news! Many bread companies now make “white wheat”. This bread has the taste of white bread but is far more nutritious and less refined. Side dishes? Go for brown rice, instead of white. Look at healthier options, as well, such as quinoa. For breakfast, get steel-cut oats for your oatmeal, instead of instant.

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