Worst Anabolic Steroids for Women

Worst Anabolic Steroids for Women: Why You Should Avoid Them There is a lot of talk about anabolic steroid use in men. However, when it comes to women there is not much information out there. The information you can find is usually about medical applications of anabolic steroids. In this article, I will discuss the … Read more

Should Women Take Creatine?

Creatine is a popular supplement used by men, the question is should women take creatine?

Creatine is something that is mostly used by male bodybuilders, the truth is, women have just as much to gain by taking it. In this article, I will discuss what creatine is and some of the benefits it can offer women.

What is Creatine?

Creatine is an organic acid that occurs naturally in vertebrates, it supplies energy to every cell in the body including the muscles. This is done by increase adenosine triphosphate levels (ATP). Creatine is processed by the liver and kidneys and is absorbed into the blood stream which is transported to the muscles. 95% of the creatine stores are located in our skeletal muscles.

Should Women Take Creatine?
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Many women are reluctant to take creatine, many have farfetched misconceptions about what creatine is, most women think that only men need to take creatine, this is completely false. Creatine is a supplement that offers women benefits that are scientifically proven.

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